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Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders Explains Why He Hasn't Decided To Run For President Yet

Vermont's independent Sen. Bernie Sanders hasn't decided to run for President just quite yet. In an interview with the Associated Press, Sen. Sanders says he will decide by March.

"I don't want to do it unless I can do it well," he told the AP. "I don't want to do it unless we can win this thing."

Some have thought that the left-leaning independent - a self-proclaimed socialist - would run just to push democrats to the left. Now, Sanders is clear he has a goal in mind: becoming President. Until he decides to run or not, he needs to figure out if he should run as a democrat or an independent.

What he does know is what platform he would run on: income inequality. In the interview, he explained his 12-step plan to restore the economy and the middle class. The plan is dependent on higher taxes on the rich and corporations. Included is an infrastructure program, international trade deals, and a transformed energy system.

These comments suggest the Senator is serious about running for President in 2016. Polls have him sitting far behind Hillary Clinton, next to another possible contender Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Sanders would be 75 years old in 2016.

Source: AP / Photo Credit: USA Today,


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