Sanders Admits Clinton Is 'Presumptive Nominee' (Video)


Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont admitted July 5 that his rival, Hillary Clinton, is the "presumptive nominee" of their party (video below).

Sanders made his comments during an interview on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes," notes

Well, let me just say this. I got in the race obviously, to try to win, to become president. We’re going to Philadelphia, and Hillary Clinton has more votes than I do. She is the presumptive nominee, and that is just basically the fact. But what my job is to do is to do everything that I can to address the major crisis facing...

Sanders was reportedly booed the same morning by House Democrats during a private meeting for refusing to concede defeat and unite behind Clinton.

"[Sanders] just went in there with his canned talking points from the stump," an unidentified source told the Los Angeles Times. "People just weren't having it."

The source added that an unidentified congresswoman felt like she was "bullied" and "like a hostage" while Sanders gave his speech.

Sanders was reportedly booed when he told the lawmakers that "the goal is not to win elections," but rather "transform America."

Later in the day, Sanders told CNN host Wolf Blitzer that reports about Democrats booing him were "a bit of an exaggeration," but admitted "we have differences of opinion."

Sanders added: "What I'm trying to do and the reason I ran for president is to help transform this country. To deal with income and wealth inequality, a declining middle class, the fact that so many of our young people leaving school deeply in debt. That's what I'm focused on."

Sanders praised a new educational loan program that Clinton announced earlier in the day, but was asked by Blitzer if he was going to fight for the Democratic nominee, reports POLITICO.

"Am I fighting to make sure that a Democrat is elected president?" Sanders replied. "You bet your bottom dollar on that."

Blitzer informed Sanders that Clinton has won the nomination, and Sanders stated, "She is the presumptive candidate, absolutely."

Sources:, POLITICOLos Angeles Times / Photo credit: MSNBC via YouTube

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