Calif. Mayor Albert Huang Resigns After Crazy Ride

People who think the mayor of their city stinks have nothing on the citizens of San Gabriel, California -- their mayor just resigned after a wild purse-snatching, high-speed car chase incident.

Mayor Albert Y.M. Huang was arguing with a woman about money outside of a restaurant Friday when he grabbed the woman's purse and sped off in his SUV. The woman had no intention of letting the purse go, however.

So she grabbed onto the side of the SUV and held on for dear life as the vehicle reached speeds of up to 45 mph. Police say Huang stopped after a quarter of a mile.

Huang was arrested and booked for investigation of felony assault, felony robbery and misdemeanor battery. It's not clear what relationship, if any, the unidentified woman has with Huang.

In an email Tuesday to the Associated Press, Huang said he decided to resign because of all of the media attention the incident has attracted. However, he wrote that when it is all said and done, he's confident that his reputation will be restored.


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