San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Asks City Council To Pay Legal Fees In Sexual Harassment Case


The mayor of one of California’s most popular cities is asking taxpayers to foot the bill for his legal expenses in his defense of a sexual harassment suit brought by a former employee. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner sent a letter to the City Council requesting the financial assistance via his attorney, Harvey Berger. The San Diego City Council will discuss the matter in a special closed session Tuesday.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith previously said that his office "will not, under any circumstance, represent Bob Filner" in the sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Irene McCormack, Filner's former communications director. McCormack alleges that Filner, 70, made several unwanted sexual advances toward her. Six other women have also filed complaints against Filner although McCormack is the only one who had identified herself.

Land-use surveyor Michael Pallamary began a bid to recall the mayor by publishing a newspaper notice on Sunday threatening to file a complaint with the San Diego County district attorney’s office alleging election law violations, Fox News reported.

Pallamary accused gay rights activist Stampp Corbin, who filed a recall bid of his own two days before, of making little effort to solicit the 100,000 signatures needed to get a recall measure on the ballot. Pallamary alleged that Corbin was setting up his recall effort to fail and preventing another recall drive for six months.

Tony Krvaric, chairman of the San Diego County Republican Party, indicated that his party was probably just going to avoid the situation.

“The Democrats made this mess and they have to fix it,” he said.

Sources: Fox News, New York Daily News


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