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Same Sex Marriage Petition Goes To Supreme Court

Michigan couple April DeBoer and Jayne Rowse, who have been challenging their state's same sex marriage ban, are taking their case to the U.S. Supreme Court in pursuit of a nationwide legalization of same sex marriage.

Their previous case was turned down on a 2-1 decision by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals. Last week, the 4th Circuit of Appeals overturned South Carolina's ban on same sex marriage.

"Prior to the Sixth Circuit's decision, every circuit to pass on this question concluded that the Constitution cannot tolerate laws that bar same-sex couples from marrying," they say. "Their rationales varied, but the outcomes were uniform."

The couple is concerned that the issue is very unlikely to get resolved if the Supreme Court does not step in.

"Gay and lesbian citizens in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee are denied the fundamental freedom and equal right to marry, and their families are deprived of the status, dignity, security and stability that marriage brings," the couple continued. "This court should grant the petition and hold that prohibiting same-sex couples from joining in marriage violates our nation's most cherished and essential guarantees."

According to the Detroit Free Press, there are nearly 14,600 same-sex couples in Michigan living together. Of those couples, 2,650 are raising 5,300 children. Nationwide, more than 125,000 same-sex couples are raising nearly 220,000 children.

As a same sex couple, DeBoer and Rowse raise three children who have special needs.

The Supreme Court looked like it was not going to hear same-sex marriage cases before the current term ends in June of 2015, but the 6th Circuit decision changed that, making DeBoer and Rowse's case likely to be reviewed

Source: Huffington Post, Detriot Free Press


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