Samantha Bee Targets Trump's Relationship With Daughter

Samantha Bee stirred up controversy with a joke about President Donald Trump's relationship with his daughter, Tiffany Trump. 

The "Full Frontal with Samantha Bee" host was hosting her "Not the White House Correspondent's Dinner" special, when she discussed the president's relationship with his daughter, Tiffany, and his appreciation for the Fox morning show "Fox and Friends" by citing the number of times each had been mentioned on the president's Twitter account, among a number of other topics.

"[Mr. Trump] has tweeted more about 'Fox and Friends' since being elected than he's tweeted about Tiffany," Bee said during the special on TBS. 

According to AOL News, Mr. Trump has mentioned daughter Tiffany in seven tweets in total, while he has mentioned "Fox and Friends" in more than 20 tweets.

Tiffany is Mr. Trump's only daughter with his ex-wife, Marla Maples. She recently announced that she would be returning to school in order to earn a law degree.

Bee's special featured the comedian roasting the president on a number of topics and focusing on his relationship with the media. Mr. Trump chose not to attend this year's White House Correspondent's Dinner.

"As much as I might love poking fun at the media and as much as you kind of deserve it sometimes, your job has never been harder," Bee said during the special. "You basically get paid to stand in a cage while a geriatric orangutan screams at you. … You expose injustice against the weak and you continue to fact-check the president as if he might someday get embarrassed! Tonight is for you."

She added, "We’re here to celebrate the free press -- there are hundreds of journalists from the ‘failing’ New York Timesto the failing ‘pile of garbage’ BuzzFeed, plus the failing ‘What is ProPublica? It sounds Mexican."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the live event started with a pre-taped sketch featuring Alison Janney reprising her role of White House Press Secretary C.J.Cregg on "The West Wing."

During the sketch, Janney's character says to reporters from tabloids and right-wing news outlets such as Breitbart, who have controversially been allowed to attend White House press briefings, "You people are monsters! Yes, we have freedom of speech and of the press and that is a beautiful thing … but you are part of the reason no one trusts the real press. These journalists work day and night to fight the truth. We have to let you exist but we don’t have to listen to you."

Sources: AOLThe Hollywood Reporter / Photo credit: Disney/ABC Television Group/Flickr

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