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Ruth Bader-Ginsburg Ranked Most Popular Supreme Court Justice

According to a new poll by Public Policy Polling, liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the most popular member of the Supreme Court. The least popular is Justice Clarence Thomas.

Overall, 19 percent picked Ginsburg as their favorite member of the Supreme Court, 11 percent each for Thomas and Sonia Sotomayor, 8 percent each for John Roberts and Antonin Scalia, 7 percent for Elena Kagan, 5 percent for Anthony Kennedy, and 4 percent each for Samuel Alito and Stephen Breyer. 

Ginsburg is often lauded on the internet for her frequent pro-woman rulings. She also endeared herself to thousands for admitting that she fell asleep during the the most recent State of the Union address because she overindulged in wine.

In fact, she is so popular, fans made T-shirts in her image, bearing the caption “Notorious R.B.G.,” a nod to the famed rapper “Notorious B.I.G.,” also known as Biggie Smalls.

However, the justices’ popularity was split along party lines. Though Thomas was the least favored overall, he was the most popular among Republicans. Unsurprisingly, conservative respondents said Ginsburg was their least favorite by a landslide.

The organization polled 1,129 voters nationally by phone or Internet between June 11 and 14.​

Sources: Talking Points Memo, Public Policy Polling Image via Wikimedia Commons


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