Russian Government Allegedly Plants Actress As Anti-Revolution Ukrainian


Reports have surfaced today alleging that a woman was planted in front of news cameras in five different situations by the Russian government so that she can pretend to be five different women opposing the Ukrainian revolution.

The woman was seen on the news, first in Odessa, explaining that she was afraid of “pro-fascist” politicians who gained power in Ukraine. Soon after she was seen on that broadcast, social media users alleged that she looked just like various other characters seen on different news reports spreading the same message. People claim that the same woman was seen pretending to be the mother of a soldier in Kiev as well as a pro-Russian protester wrapped in the country’s flag in Kharkov.

“Ukrainian media outlets, who describe her as a 'well known guest actress', say she has also appeared in protests in Sevastopol in Crimea and Norocherkassk in Russia,” reports the Daily Mail. “She regularly appeals for Russian help for pro-Moscow Ukrainians, it has been claimed, and speaks of persecution in her country, leading to claims she is a warrior in Putin's propaganda army.”

The same woman also reportedly appeared on LifeNews as someone named Tatiana Samoilenko, a mother of three who fled the Ukraine to go to Russia.

"When those pro-fascist politicians got power, we did not think for long,” the woman, going by Tatiana Samoilenko, said during the broadcast. “We decided to go to Russia. We quickly understood we had no time to waste, or it could get worse.”

Ukrainians have already accused Russia of hiring people to cause more commotion in the country, so while these latest claims have not been confirmed, many are not surprised by the allegations.

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