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Russell Brand Gives Serious Analysis on Syria, U.K., U.S. (Video)

An unusually serious Russell Brand appeared on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones' "Infowars" show today to discuss the whether or not the U.S. should use a military strike against the Syrian government.

The comedian said the recent vote in the U.K. parliament against bombing Syria "was based on widespread disillusionment," noted (video).

"I think the Middle East is one of the most complex issues in contemporary world affairs and has been for a millenia. What I believe is our focus has to be on the humanitarian aspect, the displaced refugees and the hundreds of thousands that are suffering as a result of military conflict."

Brand added that he "could not trust any advocacy of military action" based upon what happened in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

"There's are many factions fighting [in Syria]. There's no goodies and baddies fighting there," said Brand.



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