Rush Limbaugh: 'Unmarried Women Are Looking At Government For Everything' (Audio)


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said Thursday that the exit poll data from Virginia's governor's race proves that “unmarried women are looking at government for everything.”

Limbaugh said Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli was the clear winner of the governor’s race for married Virginians.

“In practically every category, Cuccinelli swept McAuliffe except unmarried women,” Rush said. “Here are the numbers. According to the exit polls, Cuccinelli defeated McAuliffe among married women 51 to 42 percent, and the Libertarian placeholder there took 7 percent of married women. Cuccinelli also defeated McAuliffe among married men 50 to 44 percent, and the Libertarian took 6 percent.”

“Unmarried women are looking at government for everything, and when unmarried women look to government for everything, they find Democrats,” he added.

He said support for Obamacare plays a major role in how unmarried women vote.

“Obamacare is a giant goody bag for unmarried women,” he said.

He claimed President Barack Obama’s administration wants more unmarried women to feel victimized and believe “that men are the enemy.

He said Obama ran on a platform to attract their vote during his reelection in 2012.

“Basically Obamacare and the entire Democrat agenda basically says to unmarried women, ‘You are discriminated against, you're treated unfairly, you get taken advantage of, you don't get any relationships. Nobody loves you. You end up having babies that you can't support. The dreaded fathers are never around; they walk out on you. They don't pay their child support; we will. They don't pay your prenatal, your postnatal; we will,’” he said.

“‘We Democrats, we are here to take care of you,’ and, you know, go back to the soccer mom era where maybe some of this start, but this is a fundamental aspect of militant feminism,” he continued. “And it has basically taught that men are the enemy, that they are the power structure, that they are predatory. They're brutes, they're uncaring, they will beat you up, they'll beat up your kids. They will never show up for work. They won't give you any money, all of this.”

He regretted Cuccinelli’s loss to Democrat Terry McCauliffe.

“The Republican Party, had they worked hard toward getting Cuccinelli elected, could have dealt a huge blow to Obamacare. Now, that is worth sitting here and regretting. Because it's an opportunity lost.”

Chief political correspondent for Slate John Dickerson said as the GOP grapples over who to blame for Cuccinelli’s loss is actually a debate over the direction of the Republican Party strategy.

Sources: Media Matters,, Slate


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