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Rush Limbaugh Thinks Hillary Clinton Staged Last Week's Shoe-Throwing

Rush Limbaugh and his crew must be running really low on material this week.

Out of all the potential issues he could have focused on, Limbaugh spent time this week discussing whether the shoe thrown at Hillary Clinton during a speech last week was staged.

“I’ve got people telling me her reaction wasn’t natural,” Limbaugh said. He then said he had a tough time caring about the incident "because in my subconscious I think it was staged or set up or whatever. Look, folks, I know these people so well that I do not attach much genuineness to them at all.”

Limbaugh then blasted the mainstream media for not spending more time investigating the shoe-throwing scandal. Because in a world dealing with a crisis in Ukraine, a dangerous internet security bug, and school stabbings, we should all be focused on an airborne stiletto.

“Apparently the media doesn’t seem to have much interest in what motivated the woman shoe thrower. She [was] let go pretty quickly,” Limbaugh said. “Hillary thought it was a bat flying at her. Hillary’s reaction is kind of odd, if you would genuinely be surprised at something like that. But it’s the Clintons, so what are you gonna do?”

Limbaugh isn’t the only media personality to troll audiences on the authenticity of the shoe throwing. A blog post on Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg’s website says Hillary staged the whole event in hopes that her handling of it “would make her seem presidential.”

“It would not be stretching logic to suppose that Hillary arranged to have the shoe thrown at her,” the post says. “Remembering the Bush incident, she may have calculated that this would make her seem presidential.”

Please exercise caution before letting these people influence your opinion on anything that actually matters. 

Sources: Politico, Bernard Goldberg


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