Keystone Chaos: Rush Limbaugh's Plan to "Crush" the "Evil" Democrats

John McCain had a pretty fair shot at being elected President of the United States in 2008. Unfortunately, for McCain, Rush Limbaugh thought that McCain was a RINO (Republican In Name Only), so Rush did what he thought was best for his own agenda,Theocratic United States of Greed, Gluttony, and Sloth, he went nuclear negative on McCain.

In an attempt to insure that a non-RINO candidate win the Republican primary - i.e. Romney, Giuliani, Hunter, Thompson, etc. - Limbaugh mocked McCain with parody, and derision, all through the primaries. Limbaugh was so blindly, and mistakenly, confident in his ability to derail McCain in the primaries, that he just couldn't help himself.

But, guess what? Limbaugh learned the hard way that his influence on the political landscape of America, isn't quite what he trumps it up to be. Either that, or he has the exact opposite effect on the political landscape than he intends.  Take a look at the years worth of negative sound bites, critical of McCain, that the "titular leader of the GOP" handed to the opposition for use during the general election. There were hundreds, if not thousands of those critical comments. Then, take a look at the "Citizen McCain" parody that Mr. Limbaugh produced during the primaries. It mocks John McCain to the core. Limbaugh played that nastiness, almost daily, throughout the primaries.

Then, as if Limbaugh hadn't sabotaged the Republican Party's chances enough already, in 2008, get a load of the brilliant political ploy that the Maha Rushie dreamed up next? He called it "Operation Chaos". Limbaugh was so concerned that Obama and Clinton would end up on the same ticket, with the loser of the primaries agreeing to be Vice President, that he decided he would help keep their race "hostile", by helping Hillary Clinton stay competitive with votes from his Dittohead herd. He explained his reasoning for the political strategy that he would later name "Operation Chaos" on his March 3, 2008 show.

He titled this segment of conversation, with caller Eileen, "Why We Want to Keep Hillary Alive":

RUSH: Elmhurst, New York.  This is Eileen.  Hi, Eileen.  Nice to have you here. Yeah, Eileen what's shakin'?

EILEEN:  Hi, Rush. I total disagree with this strategy. You setting up a Clinton-Obama reconciliation ticket. You're going to get two of the most immoral, unscrupulous Clintons back in unchecked power and we are going to be screwed.

RUSH:  We're already screwed. What we have to do is limit the being screwed to as small a screwdriver as it can be. And here. Here's the thing. The strategy is not to have these guys win. They may form a fusion ticket at some point down the road. Do you understand what the purpose of the strategery is?

EILEEN:  Yes. To keep Clinton in, to keep Clinton in. You think they're going to claw their eyes out.

RUSH:  No, the strategy is... Yes. The strategy is to continue the chaos in this party.  Look, there's a reason for this.  Our side isn't going to do this. Obama needs to be bloodied up.  Look, half the country already hates Hillary. That's good. But nobody hates Obama yet.  Hillary is going to be the one to have to bloody him up politically because our side isn't going to do it. Mark my words. It's about winning, folks!

News flash for Dittoheads, and the GOP, your $400,000,000 boy, was preparing to screw up royally. Seriously. He was supposed to give you a Republican President, in 2008, but he pooch screwed the entire affair with his incessant drubbing of McCain, and his subsequent, ineffectual, original "Operation Chaos". In essence, he handed Obama the election. Now, oddly enough, the GOP still, to this day, considers Mr. Limbaugh to be "the voice" of the Republican Party. I predict that this continued aliance will come back to haunt the GOP. Why?

Because the Maha is at it again. Operation Chaos #2 is in the works. Actually, this time, he's calling his madcap silliness, "Reverse Operation Chaos". This time, his political strategy is even more bizarre.

I'll let Mr. Limbaugh spin, er . . .explain. From the October 22, 2010 Rush Limbaugh Show:

"Now, ladies and gentlemen, seriously, it is time for election strategy. Everybody sits around and waits for the predictable October Surprise. What will it be? Who will launch it, who will be the target, what will be the objective of the October Surprise? I would like to be the October Surprise. I would like to announce the October Surprise today: Reverse Operation Chaos. You remember the original Operation Chaos was at the end of the Democrat primaries, we'd already had our nominee, McCain was already chosen. Our defeat was sealed.

No it wasn't. McCain's defeat was not sealed until Limbaugh, himself, sealed it with his Operation Chaos.  How ignorant must Dittoheads be to believe this sort of nonsense? His lame distortion continues.

"So we wanted the Democrat primary to extend, to go on and on and on, A, so we would have some fun, B, to keep my audience engaged, getting them involved in it, and, C, to try to expose Obama to as many people as possible to counter the notion he was the messiah. So Operation Chaos suggested in remaining primary states that Republicans register in those states, since our primary was done, Republicans re-register as Democrats and vote for Mrs. Clinton to extend the Democrat primary. So we were given credit. Operation Chaos was given credit for Hillary's narrow squeak of a win in Indiana and for her keeping it close in Texas and for making Pennsylvania relevant. So it's time today, ladies and gentlemen, for I, me, El Rushbo, to announce Reverse Operation Chaos."

Oh my. Given how well the first "Operation Chaos" worked, the Democratic Party is really in trouble now. What, exactly, is "Reverse Operation Chaos"? Well, if you followed the link to Mr. Limbaugh's October 22nd show, it's pointing to a specific segment. The title that the Maha Rushie chose, for that particular segment, encapsulates Limbaugh's strategy: "Reverse Operation Chaos in 2010: Clinton Democrats Must Stay Home".

As it turns out, "Reverse Operation Chaos" is even goofier than the original "Operation Chaos". At least, in the original, Limbaugh was attempting to recruit Republicans (his team) to help him affect the election process. This time, he's trying to recruit disenchanted Hillary Clinton voters to do his bidding. He would like them to stay home, during the 2010 midterms, so that Hillary can then have a shot at the Presidency in 2012.

Limbaugh's Dittoheads, of course, will argue that this is all just more brilliance from their Maha, with "half his brain tied behind [his] back", his "glorious naked body", and "talent of loan from God-duh!". Or, then again, maybe not. Check out this call from admitted new Dittohead convert, Bill, after listening to the Maha of all Wingnuts go on and on about the wisdom of this new "Reverse" Operation Chaos.

RUSH: South Portland, Maine. This is Bill. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network.

BILL:  Mega dittos, Rush. You turned me from a lib to a conservative.

RUSH:  Thank you.

BILL:  Now, I'm gonna take you to the woodshed. I say no to Reverse Operation Chaos, and let me explain why, please. I do not want Hillary Clinton getting any kind of an advantage because she is as bad as Obama. Just a little bit slicker. And we don't want her in 2012.

RUSH:  Well, we may not, but Reverse Operation Chaos is about what the Democrats want.

BILL:  Well, so why are we playin' to them? We have to crush 'em. It's like the great man says, Mark Levin: "You don't compromise with evil. You crush it."

RUSH:  Well, that's exactly what's going on here.

BILL:  Yeah, but, Rush, in '08 you ran Operation Chaos trying to keep Obama out, and guess what happened?  He hit.

RUSH:  Well, the purpose (crosstalk). No, no, no, wait a second, wait a second. The purpose of Operation Chaos was not to keep Obama out. You do not understand the purpose of Operation Chaos. And I -- you may then not understand the purpose of Reverse Operation Chaos. Right now, George Soros is trying to figure out who does he have to pay to get me fired. He can't. He'd have to find a way to pay me to fire myself. That's what Soros is trying to do. But your theory here, this is like paying the Taliban to take on Al-Qaeda. This is not what we're trying to do here. It will become clear as the days unfold before your very eyes.

Let me see if I understand this snake oil for Dittoheads, correctly? The purpose of the original "Operation Chaos" was not to insure Barack Obama's defeat, it was to insure that whomever won the primaries, Clinton or Obama, would be so beaten up by the loser, that they wouldn't stand a chance in the general, against McCain. Brilliant! How'd that Limbaugh brilliance work out for you, GOP? 

Hang in there caller Bill, from South Portland, Maine, you just haven't dumbed yourself down enough to be a true "Dittohead", capable of following Limbonehead logic, yet. Here, this will help. Always remember, Rush Limbaugh has been documented, by the Sullivan Group, to be "almost always right, 98.6% of the time". And, pay no attention to the fact that the Sullivan Group is just a financial brokerage firm that was started by a fellow conservative talk radio show host, named Thomas Sullivan, who owes Rush Limbaugh a favor. I'm positively certain that this "auditing firm" is entirely legitimate, on the up-and-up, with no political agenda, and that the joke is not on you Dittoheads, and the GOP, nudge nudge, wink wink. 


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