Rush Limbaugh Gives Up on Gay Marriage, Says His Side Already Lost (Video)


A day after he criticized Bill O’Reilly for seemingly giving up on the fight against gay marriage, Rush Limbaugh also threw in the towel on the issue.

Speaking on his radio show Wednesday, the most prominent conservative media personality on the planet acknowledged that the passage of gay marriage was ‘inevitable’ and that his side had ‘lost’ this one.

“We lost the issue when we started allowing the word ‘marriage’ to be bastardized and redefined,” Limbaugh noted.

“Once you decide to modify the word marriage then the other side has won,” he said. “The best thing that marriage had going for it was basically what they teach you the first day in law school: If you hang on a horse the sign that says ‘Cow,’ it does not make it a cow.”

“Although today it might,” he added. “And that’s where we are today.”

Limbaugh also mentioned that he supports giving gay couples all of the rights that straight couples enjoy, just without the title: “Discrimination is not an issue and never was. No one sensible is against giving homosexuals the rights of contract, or inheritance, or hospital visits. There’s nobody that wants to deny them that. The issue has always been denying them a status that they can’t have by definition.”

You can check out Limbaugh’s entire rant in the video below.

Source: Mediaite


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