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Rush Limbaugh Calls President Obama's Syria Plan 'Operation Shuck And Jive' (VIDEO)

Radio host Rush Limbaugh spoke out against President Obama’s proposal to take military action against Syria on Monday, calling the president's plan "Operation Shuck and Jive."

Obama is in favor of a "limited narrow act" and has promised that the U.S. will not put boots on the ground in Syria. Limbaugh ripped the president for not mentioning Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and called Obama's tone "childish" and "dangerous."

"Bush had shock and awe," Limbaugh said. "We're looking at shuck and jive here ... The Obama operation in Syria, 'Operation Shuck and Jive,' because that's what that is."

The phrase "shuck and jive" has some racial connotations, but that hasn't stopped people from using it in the past, The Huffington Post reported. Sarah Palin used the same phrase last year when she slammed Obama for lying about Benghazi.

A clip from Limbaugh's show is below:

Sources: The Huffington PostYouTube


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