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Rumors Swirl That Melania Is Cheating On Donald

Rumors are spreading online concerning the marriage of President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump.

The rumors involve divorce and adulterous affair allegations, reports The Inquisitr.

On May 21, Claude Taylor tweeted: "I was just told by MSM [mainstream media] member that Donald and Melania's divorce papers were signed prior to election and settlement agreed to. Then he won."

Taylor, who has described himself as a "former Clinton administration staffer," worked in Clinton's volunteer office in 1993, according to DailyKos. He "used to coordinate volunteers for the Clinton White house," adds The Daily Caller.

"A reporter well known to many said this to me," explained Taylor, in response to skeptical Twitter users who questioned the validity of his claim. "My source is a well known reporter. Not household name level -- but established and respected by peers."

Others wondered why the mainstream media hadn't reported the story, to which Taylor replied: "Editors. You wouldn't believe the legal and and editorial hoops MSM have to jump through before they print or air."

Taylor's tweet went viral, with more than 7,000 likes and well over 3,000 retweets.

The first lady's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, responded to the allegation by calling "obviously…absolutely false," reports The Inquisitr.

Another viral tweet alleges that Melania is having an affair. It was posted by Monica Byrne, who is described on her Twitter account as a "novelist, playwright, artist, activist, traveler, futurist, feminist, TED speaker."

Byrne claims that "for many years, Melania’s been having an affair with the head of security at Tiffany’s in the Trump Tower lobby…with DT’s knowledge. They had an agreement (written, I think) that if DT lost the election, they’d get divorced. But then he won. So they had to renegotiate the agreement. She is imprisoned in that marriage for as long as he’s president. Again: this is kind of obvious already to anyone with eyes. Melania looks miserable. But this would be a broader illustration of why. Also it’s why she doesn’t leave New York."

Byrne concludes: "Aaaaanywaaaaay. YES this is hearsay. NO I can’t reveal my source. YES journalists should look into it. And YES I’m biased. I want 45 and his whole wretched family out of power. Not one of them is innocent, including the ones who are pretty. Let me be clear: in itself, DT’s marriage matters not at all next to the Paris Accord. Though I honestly don’t know how newsworthy it is?–given that Melania and 45’s marriage is obviously dead to begin with."

Although there was no response from the White House regarding Byrne's accusation, The Inquisitr notes that spokesperson Grisham encourages journalists to "reach out to [her] to fact check things before publishing."

Sources: The Inquisitr (2), DailyKos, The Daily Caller, Twitter / Photo credit: U.S. Army Sgt. Kalie Jones via Wikimedia Commons

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