Rudy Giuliani Praises Russian President Vladimir Putin (Video)


German Chancellor Angela Merkel told President Obama by phone on Sunday that she was not sure if Russian President Vladimir Putin was in touch with reality.

Chancellor Merkel had spoken to Putin earlier on Sunday and described him as “in another world," noted The New York Times.

Yesterday, Putin held an incoherent news conference in which he was described as "bemused, flustered and confused," by the New Republic.

The Washington Postsaid Putin was spouting "a series of half-truths and circular reasoning."

However, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani praised the former KGB agent on Fox News yesterday, reports (video below).

"Putin decides what he wants to do and does it in half a day," said Giuliani. "He decided to go to their parliament, he got permission in fifteen minutes."

"He makes a decision and he executes it quickly, then everybody reacts," added Giuliani. "That's what you call a leader."

Giuliani then attacked President Obama for thinking before acting.

"President Obama, gotta think about it, he's gotta go over it again, he's gotta talk to more people about it," stated Giuliani.

Giuliani also blamed President Obama for world events in Syria as well.

Sources:, The Washington Post, New Republic, The New York Times


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