Rubio Falsely Claims 300,000 Lost Individual Health Plans And Can't Enroll in Obamacare (Video)


Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., told Fox News host Bill O’Reilly last week that 300,000 people are being dropped from their individual health insurance provider in Florida because of Obamacare and that those individuals can’t obtain coverage under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act because the “website isn’t working.”

Rubio says he plans to propose a bill Monday to delay the individual mandate because has had so many glitches.

"On this very day in Florida, it was announced that 300,000 people are going to lose their individual coverage because of Obamacare. Now those people next year, they don’t have health insurance,” Rubio said on the “O’Reilly Factor.”

“They are going to owe the IRS money in the form of a fine. Where are they supposed to go now and buy that health insurance if the website isn’t working, if Consumer Reports is telling people to avoid the website?" he added.

Politifact factcheckers reported Sunday that the claim is almost entirely false.

While Florida Blue, a division of Blue Cross Blue Shield, sent out about 300,000 cancellation letters to residents in Florida, the plan isn’t being grandfathered in to 2014 because it doesn’t meet the benefit standards under Obamacare.

"The Affordable Care Act mandates that all health insurance coverage packages provide 10 categories of essential health benefits,” Florida Blue said in a statement. “Because some plans offered by all insurers did not include all of these new services, they will no longer be available.”

However, the letter tells policyholders they’ll be assigned to a new plan that meets these new standards so they will have "continuous health care coverage.”

There’s no reason for these individuals to enroll in Obamacare unless they’re shopping for lower premiums. Even so, enrollment is available over the phone.

Sources: PolitiFactSavannah Morning News


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