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Trump Guzzles Water And Rubio Gets Last Laugh (Photos)

Trump Guzzles Water And Rubio Gets Last Laugh (Photos) Promo Image

Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is getting the last laugh on President Donald Trump.

The president received a bit of poetic justice during his televised speech on Nov. 15, the Daily Mail observes.

Speaking from the White House Diplomatic Room, Trump was summarizing the accomplishments of his 12-day Asia trip, saying his deal-making in Japan would yield 17,000 new jobs.

But he apparently got parched while speaking, and reached down for a bottle of water under the podium.

But he came up empty-handed. "They don't have water -- that's OK," Trump said. 

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Undeterred, he bent down again and came back up with a bottle of Fiji, the upscale brand that bills itself as "Earth's Finest Water." 

Apparently, the bottle of had been placed on a small table next  to the podium instead of under it, where Trump had expected to find it.

With the camera rolling, he unscrewed the cap, gulped some water down, and continued with his remarks.

As the Daily Mail noted, the scene was reminiscent of the time Sen. Marco Rubio's awkwardly guzzled water during his response to former President Barack Obama's state of the union address.

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Trump later mocked Rubio for the incident, calling him a "total choke artist" for getting thirsty during a speech.

"Do you remember that catastrophe?" said to a crowd of his fans, referring to Rubio drinking the water. "And he's like this -- 'And we will ... I need water, help me I need water. Help!'"

But after the same thing happened to Trump during his "Fiji speech," Rubio didn't miss the opportunity to make fun of it, and in a clever way.

"Similar, but needs work on his form," Rubio tweeted. "Has to be done in one single motion & eyes should never leave the camera. But not bad for his 1st time."

Some have noted that the 71-year-old Trump looks worn out from his trip, which began in Japan on Nov. 4, and took him to South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Commenters on the Daily Mail website thought he looked bloated and frazzled, with one reader accusing him of being stoned. 

"It is grueling, they tell me," Trump said before leaving for Asia, as CNN reported. "But fortunately, historically that has not been a problem for me."

But his "Rubio moment" seems to add to the evidence that it was more of a problem than he expected.

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