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Third Gay Couple In Rowan County Receives Marriage License

The third marriage license to a same-sex couple was issued today in Kim Davis’ Rowan County, Kentucky, office.

April Miller and Karen Roberts, who have been together for 11 years, received a marriage license in Rowan County today, according to The Courier-Journal. They are the third same-sex couple to receive a marriage license after Kim Davis -- a clerk who famously refused to give out same-sex marriage licenses -- was jailed for contempt.

But some anti-gay protesters were still determined to prove a point, and many reportedly made homophobic remarks as the couples were receiving their marriage licenses.

Gay Couple Tim Long and Michael Long, who have been together for nine years, were issued a marriage license Friday morning in Rowan County.

Upon receipt of the license, two protesters inside the office called them “perverts,” The Courier-Journal reports.

Kim Davis’ husband, Joe Davis, muttered “disgrace” and walked out of the office.

A supporter of the couple at the clerk’s office this morning told them to “just turn your backs” to the anti-gay marriage demonstrators.

Receiving the license in their home county, something they were denied once before, was a great moment for the Longs, who had a commitment ceremony in 2008 but wanted to be legally married.

"I just never thought it would happen," Tim said. "We waited for years and years and years."

" ... We feel like we are accepted, like everyone else."

For Tim, the protesters’ comments “don’t hurt as bad, because love wins.” He added that it was a "very significant day" for equal rights.

The couple plans to hold their ceremony on Sept. 27, the same day as their commitment ceremony in 2008. They joked that as men, it was easier to only have to keep track of one day.

As for Kim, Tim feels sorry for her being in jail “but she done it to herself.”

Earlier in the day, William Smith Jr. and James Yates received the first marriage license from the Rowan County clerk’s office, New York Daily News reports.

They had been denied a license five previous times.

Supporters of the couple reportedly clapped, cheered, and chanted “love has won” as the couple left the courthouse with their license.

"This is a blessing," Yates told reporters. "This means at least for this area that civil rights are civil rights and they are not subject to belief."

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Photo Source: Chris Kenning/Twitter, Carter County Detention Center


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