Ronald Reagan's Daughter Says He Would Be 'Appalled' By Modern GOP


According to his daughter, Patti Davis, former U.S. President Ronald Reagan would have been rejected by the current Republican Party. Furthermore, she says the late president would have been “appalled” by the 2016 candidates representing his party.

During a sit down with The Huffington Post’s Michelangelo Signorile, Davis discussed the current policies of the GOP and how her father would not have fit in with the current slate of 2016 Republican presidential hopefuls.

Davis said her father would have been particularly troubled the current U.S. gun culture.

“He came out for the Brady Bill in, I think, it was 1991,” she said, referring to the 1993 legislation that made background checks for gun purchases federal law. She also cited his support for the assault weapons ban, a laws that passed in 1994 and then expired 10 years later under the George W. Bush administration.

“I don’t think he’d ever be able to conceive what’s going on now … the amount of gun violence weaponry,” said Davis, reminding viewers that her father had been shot by an unhinged gunman, John Hinckley Jr., in 1981.

Davis expressed frustration that so many GOP candidates invoke the name of her father to push their policy proposals, particularly Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who has frequently compared himself to Reagan throughout the Republican primary.

“It may be this week he’s [Cruz] doing it more than the others,” said Davis. “But they all kind of do it. But yet, they are so not like him. My father would be so appalled at what’s going on. He would be so appalled at these candidates.”

Davis believes her father’s views were not compatible with the current incarnation of the Republican Party and that he would be a different politician if he were around in 2015.

“I don’t think he would be a Republican,” Davis continued. “And if another Ronald Reagan came along right now, I don’t think the Republican Party would accept him.”

Davis added that her mother, 94-year-old Nancy Reagan, shares her low opinion of the current GOP roster and that she was in favor of the Supreme Court’s passage of federal same-sex marriage.

“She was was very happy about that decision,” Davis said. “I don’t talk to her much about politics currently … I think she has the right to live out the rest of life with a little bit of peace, which cannot be found in the current political scene."

Sources: The Huffington Post / Photo credit: Michael Evans/Wikimedia Commons

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