Ronald Reagan too Liberal for Today's GOP Says Son Michael


Ronald Regan is a Republican icon, often mentioned by GOP presidential candidates in the hopes of drawing a positive comparison. Yet Reagan's son thinks his father would be considered too liberal for today's Republicans to win the party's presidential nomination.

“If you look at my father and you just knew him as governor — raised taxes, signed an abortion bill, no-fault divorce, and a few other things — today, the argument against him would come from the right, not from the left,” Michael Reagan said on Fox News on Tuesday. “He would have trouble getting his own nomination, but yet he ended up being the greatest president in our lifetimes.”

He added, “We need to look at the whole package, the whole picture, everybody, and stop nit-picking ourselves to death.”

The Daily Caller reports that Reagan is considering entering the family business with a run against California Sen. Dianne Feinstein next year.


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