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Ron Ramsey Send Tweet Declaring Obama Alliance with Al-Qaeda

Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey made no qualms about linking President Obama to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda with a suggestive tweet, and stood by his Twitter declaration even as fellow lawmakers urged Ramsey to apologize.

The tweet read, "As the President attempts to ally with Al-Qaeda in Syria's civil war, we must always remember who attacked us on our soil 12 years ago."

Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Roy Herron reported feeling shocked by the implication, saying, "I read it and my first reaction was, ‘is this a joke?'" 

Herron initially expressed doubt that Ramsey wrote the tweet himself, saying, "I've served with Ron Ramsey. He's too smart to say something that stupid but whoever did put it out should be fired." 

Democratic Representative Craig Fitzhugh took to Twitter to respond to the offensive tweet, saying, “Lt. Gov @RonRamsey should apologize for his cheap political tweet this morning. It’s an insult to our president & dishonors this day.

Rather than apologizing, however, Ramsey confirmed his opinion on Thursday saying, “Every September 11 since that tragic Tuesday in 2001 has been a day of remembrance. We remember those who died, those who served and those who carry on. But we must also remember those who attacked us and why. The Syrian rebel’s connections to Al-Qaeda are well established and well known. I am proud to stand with leaders like Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul against coming to the aid of our enemies, enemies who continue to hate our country from afar as they kill Christians in their own country.”

Fictional character Will McAvoy, portrayed by Jeff Daniels on the HBO series “The Newsroom,” posted a string of tweets defending the president.

Said McAvoy’s Twitter account, “Even on issues of national security, Republicans like @RonRamsey cannot bring themselves to refrain from telling absolute and total lies.”

Sources: Mediaite, WKRN-TV


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