Ron Paul Won't Run for Re-Election to House in 2012


Texas Rep. Ron Paul announced on Tuesday that he will not run for re-election to the House seat he has held for 24 years, instead concentrating on winning the GOP presidential nomination.

"Dr. Paul will not seek re-election in the Texas-14 and will focus his efforts on winning the presidency," Paul campaign aide Jesse Benton told Fox News.

Paul made the announcement on Twitter, and later told the Texas news service The Facts, "I felt it was better that I concentrate on one election. It's about that time when I should change tactics."

Paul has run for president twice before, both times also running for re-election to Congress when his presidential bids failed. But this time around the 75-year-old Paul sees things turning out differently.

"We have a lot more support right now," he said. "Things are doing well for us."

His son, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, said his father will leave a lasting legacy in the House.

"History will record the legislative record of Ron Paul as an extraordinary one -- perhaps unparalleled. There probably has never been a more consistent believer in limited government in Congress. America deserves a statesman like Ron Paul as her president, a man I am proud to call my father."


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