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Ron Paul Wins California Straw Poll; No One Cares

Hey, bet you didn't know California Republicans held a straw poll over the weekend and that the overwhelming winner was Ron Paul. Of course you didn't -- there was virtually no coverage.

Of 833 ballots cast, Paul received 44.9% of the vote. Rick Perry placed a distant second with 29.3%. Mitt Romney was third with 8.8%. Michele Bachmann, who was the only candidate along with Paul who addressed the meeting, could garner just 7.7% of the vote.

According to Politico, Romney is not participating in straw polls this year, likely as a way to avoid looking like a loser of the high-profile Iowa straw poll last month, which indeed he did lose. It doesn't appear that Perry put up much of an effort in California.

Paul is big in straw polls. His supporters turn out in droves to give him wins or at least solid showings. However these victories are not translating to support in national polls -- he routinely trails Perry and Romney, and sometimes other Republicans, in those polls. 


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