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Ron Paul Warns Against U.S. Government's Use of Drones (Audio)

During a radio interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, former congressman Ron Paul warned about the U.S. government's use of drones (audio below).

According to, Paul first suggested the government's actions to stop the child-abusing Branch Davidian cult in Waco, Texas, were wrong. "Nobody ever got punished for the mistakes that were made," he lamented.

"If you go back to what happened at Waco, if you go back to Ruby Ridge, if they can get away with it, they do it. Nobody ever got punished for the mistakes that were made," said Paul. "The Congress goes along with it. The Congress really doesn't resist and put restraints on the president when it comes to the use of drones and assassinations, the funding continues."

In a sinister tone, Jones asked Paul, "What do you think the feds are preparing?" 

Paul suggested many doomsday scenarios involving the UN, IMF and drones.

"It's really scary when you think of the drone thing. The drone should wake up everybody, what they can do, how much surveillance, how many weapons can they carry, when they pretend they can target anyone, any one individual thousands of miles away from the United States with people who maneuver those things even here," said Paul. "What if they decide to go after this drug dealer, this guy who owns an illegal weapon ... there's alot of mistakes, a lot of collateral damage, and they just write it off."



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