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Ron Paul Tops Another Iowa Poll, But it's Close

Ron Paul and his fervent supporters have more hope that he might pull out a huge and stunning victory in the Iowa caucus -- he tops yet another poll.

The American Research Group survey released on Friday has Paul leading the Republican presidential field with 21% of the vote. However Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are hot on his trail with 20% and 19%, respectively.

This is the first time Paul has topped the vote from this particular organization. His support is up 4% over the past week while Gingrich's has fallen 3%.

But Paul will have to work to make sure his supporters actually make it to the caucus. The poll shows that among voters who say they will "definitely" vote, Paul is only third with 17%, trailing Gingrich at 22% and Romney with 20%. Paul is a huge leader among lackadaisical people who say they will "probably" vote: he got 38% of their support. Romney was a distant second at 21%

Paul took the lead in other polls earlier this week, surging at the perfect time -- the caucus will be held on January 3.


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