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Ron Paul to Announce Presidential Exploratory Committee Tuesday

Rep. Ron Paul will reportedly run for president in 2012. David Weigel of says he has confirmed that Paul will announce his presidential exploratory committee Tuesday in Des Moines, Iowa.

He also writes that Paul's, Iowa leadership team will include three of the 19 members of the Iowa Republican Party's state central committee.

Weigel writes:

This will be Paul's third presidential bid, and his second as a Republican candidate. When I talked to Gary Johnson about his own presidential bid (when was the last time there were two libertarian candidates in a GOP presidential race?), he dismissed the idea that Paul would stop him from getting momentum, and said he'd studied Paul's 2008 campaign to learn how to improve on it. But Paul's done that, too. He ran a fairly low-key campaign in 2008 (the enthusiasm of his crowds besides), hitting the trail far less than the frontrunning candidates. There were multiple reasons for that, and one of them was Paul's reluctance to miss any votes in Congress. Congress, under GOP rule, has a somewhat lighter schedule now.

Paul is extremely popular, especially among younger voters. He was the top choice of attendees at the CPAC gathering this year, and consistently does well in polls.


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