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Ron Paul Surging in Iowa; Nearly Catches Newt Gingrich

It looks like Newt Gingrich's reign as the frontunner for the Republican nomination for president might be a short one -- Ron Paul is surging in Iowa.

In the latest poll released by Public Policy Polling, Paul finishes just a hair behind Gingrich, 22%-21%. But what is important to note is the direction both candidates are going.

Gingrich is down five points, while Paul is up around the same amount. Gingrich's favorability rating is down from 61% to 52%, while Paul's rose from 52% to 61%.

Paul is polling very well with young voters and new voters in Iowa -- the same people who swept President Obama into office in 2008.

As far as that former frontrunner Mitt Romney, his presumed nomination no longer seems eventual -- he is holding steady with a mediocre 16%.


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