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Ron Paul Joins Virtual 4-Way Tie in Iowa GOP Presidential Poll

The Iowa caucus is less than two months away and it appears voters still don't know whom to support -- there is a virtual four-way tie at the top of the latest poll for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Bloomberg poll has Herman Cain with 20%, Ron Paul at 19%, Mitt Romney with 18% and Newt Gingrich at 17%. Factor in the 4.4% margin of error and what you've got is pretty much a tie between the four candidates.

Paul's support seems the most solid. 32% of voters who say they've already made up their minds are going for Paul, compared to 25% for Romney and 17% for Gingrich.

Paul also has loyalty -- 69% of Iowa voters who backed him in 2008 will vote for him again. For Romney, that figure is just 41%.

Romney still tops most national polls, but it is surveys like these that show just what a weak frontrunner Romney really is, as it appears voters are looking for any alternative than to pull that lever for Romney.


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