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Ron Paul: I Won't "Kowtow" for Latino Vote

Ron Paul has a reputation for saying what he thinks regardless of the expectations of his audience. This was on full display when he appeared on a Spanish-language news program.

During an interview on Univision's "Al Punto" on Sunday, the Republican presidential candidate said he is against a special route to citizenship for illegal immigrants, many of them from Mexico.

He also said he has a different interpretation of the 14th Amendment, which gives automatic citizenship to anyone born in America. Paul feels that if the parents are illegals, then they are not under the jurisdiction of the government, therefore the child is not necessarily a citizen.

When the host said such views would make it hard for him to capture Latino votes, Paul said:

"For me to think that I have to have a different message for Hispanics than I do for other people, I think is unnecessary. I think Hispanics have as much interest in freedom as everybody else. So to say that I have to kowtow, in a sense saying 'well, the only way you can get a vote for any special group is by giving special privileges.' I don’t want to punish anyone who belongs to a special group, and nobody should get special privilege either.”

Here is the full interview:


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