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Ron Paul Claims U.S. at War with Yemen (Audio)

Former U.S. Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul warned on his weekly update today that the U.S. is at war with Yemen because of recent drone strikes that may have caused civilian deaths.

Yemen is located directly south of Saudi Arabia, which reportedly supports the drone strikes.

"The U.S. has launched at least eight drone attacks in Yemen, in which dozens have been killed. It is the largest U.S. escalation of attacks on Yemen in more than a decade. The U.S. claims that everyone killed was a 'suspected militant,' but Yemeni citizens have for a long time been outraged over the number of civilians killed in such strikes," said Paul (audio below).

Paul later quoted the Wall Street Journal, which recently reported:

At the heart of the U.S.-Yemeni cooperation is a joint command center in Yemen, where officials from the two countries evaluate intelligence gathered by America and other allies, such as Saudi Arabia, say U.S. and Yemeni officials. There, they decide when and how to launch missile strikes against the highly secretive list of alleged al Qaeda operatives approved by the White House for targeted killing, these people say.

Paul also quoted professor Gregory Johnson of Princeton University, who told PBS that civilian deaths from U.S. drone attacks actually increase the number recruits for al-Qaeda.

Paul concluded that "the U.S. government is clearly at war in Yemen. It is claimed they are fighting al-Qaeda, but the drone strikes are creating as many or more al-Qaeda members as they are eliminating."

"Resentment over civilian casualties is building up the danger of blowback, which is a legitimate threat to us that is unfortunately largely ignored. Also, the U.S. is sending mixed signals by attacking al-Qaeda in Yemen while supporting al-Qaeda linked rebels fighting in Syria."

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