Romney Supporters Not Allowed to Leave Freezing Rally in Pennsylvania


GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney was about 90 minutes late to his 'Victory Rally' at the outdoor Shady Brook Farm in Morrisville, Pennsylvania on Sunday night.

While his supporters waited in the freezing cold, many were not allowed to leave, including a young girl who reportedly had frostbite.

Reporters tweeted various accounts of people trying to leave, but being prevented from doing so by volunteers, Secret Service and Romney campaign staff, reports

One mother begged to get her frostbitten daughter out of the cold, but a Romney staffer told her:  “It’s not cold enuf for that," tweeted the The New York Times‘ Michael Barbaro.

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USA Today reporter Jackie Kucinich tweeted:

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The New York Times‘ Ashley Parker tweeted that people were allowed to leave, eventually::

Romney HATES to be late and keep people waiting, but he is now running over an hour behind sked to his outdoor (32 degrees) PA rally.

This is a big rally for Romney in PA, but dozens of people — cold and angry — are begging to be let out.

Other people who left say they’re HUGE Romney supporters, just cold and tired, or with sick kids and spouses.

To be clear, the people asking to leave were delayed because of security concerns — not bc of a Romney staff decision.


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