Romney Campaign Appoints Aide to Begin Veep Search


Willard “Mitt” Romney is looking more and more like a presidential nominee every day. Continuing their awkward pivot from reactionary Right Wing primary Romney to Massachusetts moderate general election Romney, the campaign of the presumptive Republican nominee appointed a trusted staff member to lead the vice presidential search.

See a gallery of potential Mitt Romney running mates

Beth Myers, who served as Romney’s chief of staff when he was Governor of Massachusetts, will lead the effort, according to CNN. Romney confirmed in an interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer set to air Monday night that “This weekend was the first time we seriously really talked about [running mates] and there are some wonderful people out there.”

With recent news that Romney trails Barack Obama by as many as nine points in national polls, the campaign team must be wondering which of their candidate’s many glaring weaknesses they need to repair the fastest.

If Mitt Romney’s support gap with women continues to approach 20 points, watch for Ms. Myers to take a very close look at potential female running mates like Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison or former Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman (but definitely not the lady from Alaska).

CNN’s analysis of the many hurdles facing the Romney campaign below:

See a gallery of potential Mitt Romney running mates


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