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Rocket Lands in Israel Two Hours Before 3-Day Ceasefire Ends

JERUSALEM – On Wednesday, two hours before a three-day truce was set to expire in southern Israel, sirens warning of incoming rockets went off.

Israeli military and police checked whether the signals had been merely a false alarm, or if rockets had indeed been fired from Gaza.

According to Israeli radio stations, at least two rockets had landed inside Israel, but had caused neither damaged nor casualties.

A Hamas websites indicated that talks in Cairo had hit obstacles and Palestinian delegates were preparing to leave.

However, Reuters reports that a source “knowledgeable about the talks” said that while the sides were far apart, Egypt might try to get them to extend the truce for 72 more hours.

The NY Post reports that Hamas was open to extending the 72-hour ceasefire, which began on Sunday. During the truce, Israel stopped military operations in the coastal territory; Gaza militants stopped firing rockets.

The war began on July 8, when Israel conducted an air campaign against Gaza’s Hamas rulers, whom Israel blamed for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teens in the West Bank.

According to Palestinian and U.N. officials, the fighting has already killed more than 1,900 Palestinians – most of them civilians.  On the Israeli side, 67 casualties have been incurred, all but three of them soldiers.

Sources: The Washington Free Beacon, NY Post

Photo Sources: NY Post, DW


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