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RNC Speaker: 'Rub My Nuts' On A Mom's Face

Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), tweeted in 2010 how he was going to rub his testicles in the face of a mom.

White confirmed to TMZ Sports on July 14 that he would be speaking at the Republican National Convention (RNC) next week: "It will be about my relationship with Trump and the Trump that I know."

White tweeted to a Twitter user in 2010: "I’m gonna rub my nuts on ur moms face!!!!" reports The Daily Beast.

The user reportedly started the exchange by telling White that he resembled "an emo, bald Ellen Degeneres."

White brought up the testicles again in 2011 with another tweet: "@OMG_LadyGaga bro ur name is OMG lady gaga!? LMFAO you should be beat with a f----- stick and kicked in the nuts repeatedly."

In 2010, White tweeted another mom insult with: "his moms so fat she got baptized at seaworld!!!"

White went for testicles again in 2011: "ur a jackass get fedors nuts outta ur mouth," and in 2010: ":( fjbar will have to remove fedors nuts from his tonsils!!! Boooooo hooooooo fedorrrrrrrrr!"

In 2010, White also tweeted: "stop swingin on fedors nuts and get your own life you loser!" and " I hope you get kicked in the nuts. Twice!!"

White shared his historical recollections about Hitler in 2010: "there's a hater! Lol hitler wasn't a hater u idiot. Hitler was a twisted sick f---!!! Big difference."

He dropped another F-bomb in 2012: "I'm going on a blocking spree today. Who's first f------?"

There were other tweets in which White insulted people by using a slur for female sexual parts.

ESPN reports that White recently made a new five-year deal with UFC that will bring him 9 percent of the UFC's net profit, which is the profit after business expenses are paid.

The net profit may be around $200 million, which means White would make about $18 million.

White will reportedly make about $360 million from the $4 billion sale of UFC to WME-IMG and three investment groups because he owned 9 percent of the UFC, according to unidentified sources.

White, UFC chairman Lorenzo Fertitta, and Frank Fertitta bought the UFC in 2001 for $2 million.

Sources: The Daily Beast, TMZ Sports, ESPN / Photo credit: Justin Moore via Wikimedia

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