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RNC Delegate Mark Harris Outraged Over a Mexican Working at Epcot

While visiting the state of Florida for the RNC in Tampa, Pennsylvania GOP delegate Mark Harris and his wife Irene took a side trip to Disney’s Epcot Center, where they were shocked to find a Mexican working in the 'America' section of Epcot, reports

Irene Harris wrote on the couple’s blog 'Rock Star GOP – Grassroots Activism Awareness' a post entitled 'Offended at Epcot':

Prior to National Republican Convention we visited Disney for three days.  During our time at Epcot we visited the different countries.  It was neat seeing each country and the employees were from that individual country.  Then we visited America . . . one would think you would find American employees.  We were offended to find a person from Mexico working in America.  Mark spoke up and told them he was highly offended after visiting the other countries and seeing employees from that country and then come to America and find a Mexican.  He was very civil but his point was well made.

Snyder County Commissioner Joe Derk told The Daily Item: "The statements made by Mark and Irene Harris are uninformed and highly offensive,” said Snyder County Commissioner Joe Derk. “The Harrises’ comments show their ignorance as they cast judgment on someone they do not know. They do not speak for our county or party."


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