WikiLeaks Release Reveals Right-Wing Hypocrisy


According to the Wiki-leaks release, there are 150 people detained in the United States detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who are innocent, but are still being held. These are Afghans or Pakistanis.

The fact is, people were given money to round up supposed Al Qaeda/Taliban/terrorism suspects and, to no one's surprise, those doing the rounding up for cash, didn't much care about who they turned it. All it required in one case was to have a certain model of Casio watch, because such a watch has been used by terrorists.

Obviously, this "overwhelming" evidence doesn't necessarily mean a suspect is a terrorist. Now, of course, some of the people being held on this base in Cuba, are really bad guys. But not all of them, of course.

Conservatives (though not necessary libertarians) are big supporters of the detentions of suspects. But, ironically, they accuse people on the secular left, such as I, of being moral relativists. They (especially Christian fundamentalist conservative types) usually accuse the secular left of not having any foundational values.

The whims of their alleged deity are supposedly a source for these foundational values of the right-wing. But when it comes to holding innocents imprisoned, water boarding detainees and other forms of enhanced interrogations, they are the most supportive of these practices.

In fact, secularists are much more principled in holding to their ideals than the most religious. We on the left don't talk about the sanctity of life, then support the death penalty, for example, as does the right-wing.

That does mean that the left is perfect in upholding its ideals, but it is a lot more self-reflective. Being on the right-wing, especially the religious right, seems to give many a pass because they have a deity on their side.

Well, to be on the secular left, means that there is no god to affirm your convictions. Beliefs must be examined through the microscope of reason and self reflection.


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