Rielle Hunter and John Edwards Done, Women of 'The View' Pounce

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It’s officially over.

The “other woman,” who helped end John Edward’s promising political career, says her relationship with the former senator has ended. After meeting Edwards in a bar during his 2008 Presidential campaign and having an affair resulting in a daughter, the pair remained in a relationship until now.

Edwards’ infamous mistress Rielle Hunter has come out with a tell-all book called "What Really Happened," and the ladies of The View took the opportunity today to question Hunter about its content. And to be fair, these weren't softballs.

Here’s my take on the interview: As you know, Edwards’ wife Elizabeth passed away from cancer in 2010, and Hunter's memoir is less than kind to the “dead lady,” as Whoopie Goldberg said during the interview. Calling the late Elizabeth Edwards “crazy, [and] venomous,” Hunter herself comes off as desperate and sleazy.

I watched the interview and shook my head at Hunter, while clapping for the co-hosts. It’s about time somebody publicly called out Hunter on her misbehavior and indecency – good for these women. Hunter’s published account of her questionable actions have once again brought up the nation’s opinion of her as a home wrecker. Today’s interview simply confirmed it.


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