Rick Perry Trolls Donald Trump On Twitter, Trump Burns Perry On Instagram

Donald Trump continued his war with fellow Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, this time on social media.

Perry was apparently offended by a speech that Trump gave in South Carolina this week where Trump mocked Perry for wearing glasses in an effort to look smart. Trump previously said that Perry should have to take a IQ test before being allowed in the 2016 GOP presidential debate.

Perry's campaign team recently retweeted some 2012 tweets by Trump praising Perry, who was running for president, notes Mediaite.com.

Nathan Bernier, a host on KUT 90.5 FM in Austin, Texas, captured Perry's team retweeting Trump's good words: "Texas is lucky to have him--- @GovernorPerry is a great guy!" and "Rick Perry--- a good man, a great family and patriot."

In response, Trump posted a 2012 picture of himself and Perry (above) on Instagram with the caption, "@GovernorPerry in my office last cycle playing nice and begging for my support and money. Hypocrite!"

Sources: Mediaite.com, Twitter, Instagram / Photo Credit: Instagram Screenshot


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