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Rick Perry Mistakes Libya for Lebanon While Referencing Benghazi Attack

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Gov. Rick Perry added to his list of notable speaking blunders at a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference this past Saturday when he confused Libya with Lebanon in reference to the Benghazi attack.

“I fear where we’ve come to a time in America, where our administration won’t make one phone call to save our men and women in an embassy in Lebanon,” Perry said.

Earlier in his speech, Perry referenced his previous mistakes — most notably his forgetfulness during his presidential campaign. During the debate, Perry promised to eliminate three federal agencies, but he neglected to name the third.

After Perry’s “oops” moment, he vowed to dramatically elevate his speaking performances and command a better direction on forthcoming topics.

Evidentially, that has not been the case, though Perry said he continues to learn humility from his missteps.

“I’ve learned a little bit about humility, particularly on national television,” Perry said. “But the fact is, God hadn’t called the perfect to go into the arena of public service. He’s called people just like you and just like me.”

Perry also referenced the biblical character Peter the Apostle, whose mouth ran faster than his mind.

“Let me tell you I can relate to Peter,” Perry said.

Sources: Yahoo News, The Huffington Post


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