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Rick Perry to Announce 'Exciting New Plans' On Monday

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is expected to announce “exciting future plans” on Monday, prompting some to question whether he will announce a run for presidential election in 2016.

A Public Policy Polling survey released Wednesday revealed that of six candidates, Perry placed last on the list of Republican presidential hopefuls. Instead, the majority of voters hoped to see Sen. Ted Cruz run for the GOP.

Even New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who has increasingly been a target of criticism from both sides, placed above Perry on the list, with 11 percent of the votes.

Perry’s odds of winning have seen a 50% decrease since January, when the PPP reported that eight in ten Republicans would not want him to run for presidential election.

“Most Texas voters are ready to move on from Rick Perry,” PPP president Dean Debnam said.

While speculators believe Perry may be announcing a bid to run for president, Communications Director for the Perry administration Ray Sullivan said the governor might announce a bid to run for gubernatorial reelection.

According to the January survey, however, voters seem just as unlikely to reelect him for the position with 62 percent of votes opposing his run.

The results suggest that Perry is still hurting from his failed presidential campaign in 2012, which ruined his home-state approval ratings.

Sources: The Huffington Post, The Washington Post


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