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Rick Perry: Allowing Moviegoers To Be Armed 'Makes Sense To Me' (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry said on July 26 that having patrons bring guns into movie theaters for self-defense made sense to him (video below).

Perry made his comments during an interview on CNN's "State Of The Union" show, notes Talking Points Memo.

CNN host Jake Tapper asked Perry what the government could be doing to stop people, who have mental and emotional problems, from getting guns.

"And I think we have the laws in place and enforcement of those laws is what seems to be lacking both in Charleston (South Carolina) and here in Lafayette, Louisiana," Perry said.

Perry made no mention of which specific laws he was referring to, but added: "We see individuals who are obviously mentally impacted, these were individuals who I think that somewhere, somebody didn't do their job from the standpoint of enforcing the laws that are already on the books."

Perry then went on to say that "gun-free zones are a bad idea" and that citizens who have been "appropriately trained and appropriately backgrounded" should be allowed to carry guns.

Tapper told the former governor of Texas that he was not aware of any existing laws that could have kept guns out of the hands of the Louisiana shooter at the theater in Lafayette on July 23, and added that Perry seemed to be advocating that theater moviegoers be armed.

Perry replied:

"I think that it makes a lot of sense to send a message across this country, if we believe in the Second Amendment, and we believe in people's right to protect themselves and defend themselves, and their families, that to tell them that they cannot carry a weapon that they are legally obliged to carry, that they have been through the training for, makes sense to me."

Perry didn't cite any laws that require gun owners to be trained.

Sources: Talking Points Memo, CNN / Photo credit: Screenshot CNN


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