November 2 came as shocking news to many:  those whose leftist leanings have dominated the horizon for far too long.  Because history alters its course every 75 years...the amount of time it takes for the collective memories of people to die out.  Now before momentum that was gained is lost, our fellow compatriots need continue the assault until the vile stench of dictatorship is flushed down the proverbial toilet.

No republic has lasted the span of the United States of America.  Two hundred years or less has seen the fall the Chinese empire, Rome, the British Empire and every great society which has soared to excellence throughout history.  Why this number of years?  Well, it takes democracy and the entitled masses only this length of time to rear selfish leaders, vote money to the lazy, and buy that vote and the souls of the ignorant along with it!

Today opportunity resides at our feet...what we do with it will likely be evidenced in the coming months.  Unfortunately, if history proves itself correct yet again, we will be destined for the history books under the heading of failed democracies.  Read The Plant by Jude Goss to help us remember what we were and how we can continue to be!


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