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Retired General Slams U.S. Military Leaders For Supporting Iran Deal

Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, now the executive vice president of the conservative Christian Family Research Council, recently attacked U.S. military leaders for their support of the nuclear deal with Iran (video below).

Boykin made his comments during FRC President Tony Perkins' “Washington Watch” radio show on Aug. 27, notes

Perkins asked Boykin if current U.S. military leaders were supporting the "president’s dangerous policies because they don’t want to damage their career?”

Boykin replied:

"Oh, I think it’s a clear case of that, Tony. First of all, when 75 percent of America is against this, is it a stretch to say that probably the majority of the military leadership is as well? And they are closer to the issue than anybody else."

In reality, 75 percent of Republicans — not Americans — said they oppose the Iran nuclear deal in a Pew Research Center poll released on  July 21, noted The Hill.

According to a poll by Public Policy Polling also taken in July, 54 percent of Americans support the deal, while 38 percent oppose it.

Boykin added:

"So what we see now is we see a bunch of senior leaders in our military that have put their careers first that have, you know, taken care of themselves before they do what’s really important to them, which is the Constitution of the United States and the future of this nation.

"And I for one, I’ll get a lot of criticism for this, but that’s okay, you still love me and Jesus loves me so that’s all I really care about, but it’s incredible to me that we have leaders in our military that will go along with something that absolutely portends the destruction of this nation and an abysmal future for their grandchildren."

Boykin provided no proof of his claims that disparaged U.S. military leaders.

In 2014, Boykin praised U.S. military leaders for loving America, but claimed President Barack Obama didn't, noted (video below).

Boykin said Obama was "unwilling to listen to his real professionals, that's the military professionals, because he doesn't trust them because they represent something that he's never been able to understand, and that's a love for America."

Sources: The Hill, (2), Public Policy Polling, Pew Research Center / Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot


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