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Restaurant Owner Faces Backlash Over 'Offensive' Sign Campaigning Against Local Politician


Democratic nominee Brandon Brown from the 4th Congressional District in South Carolina claims he has been attacked personally twice. However, a local restaurant owner who posted a campaign sign against Brandon says he has never physically threatened Brandon.

Don Wood, FBI spokesman, stated that the bureau “did an assessment.” However, no further action was taken and there was no arrest that happened.

Brown further said that he was threatened when he was campaigning for US Rep Trey Gowdy’s seat which he is relinquishing.

"Some people have extreme feelings," Brown said in a statement. Despite his assertion, Brown did not detail the threats he allegedly received.


It was previously reported that Brown together with his supporters has been upset regarding a sign that was posted a few weeks back that read: "Jail House to US House? No No No." According to reports, the sign included the word “guilty” that was printed in red letters over a photo of the democratic nominee.

In addition, the sign also featured the following phrase: “Paid by Palmetto Alehouse.” Based on previous records, the sign was a clear reference to Brown’s 2014 arrest back in Georgia over driving under the influence charge.

After the incident, it was further reported based on court records that Brown later pleaded guilty to charges of failure to maintain a lane and reckless driving.


In a 2014 statement, Brown said, "In June of 2014... I was accused of DUI and understanding my rights, I allowed the legal process to work... I could argue with the officer about my innocence, list my credentials... Or, I could live another day by complying with the officer’s wishes..."

It was remembered that Brown served as a state deputy director for Sen. Joe Biden's 2008 presidential campaign. He's also served in the administrations at Paine College and Jackson State University.

Sources: America Now / Photo Credit: WSPA 7News

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