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Voters Want to Meet With Lawmakers, Left Frustrated (Video)

Voters in several districts are having problems scheduling meetings with Republican lawmakers to discuss Obamacare and other issues (video below).

A small group of voters were turned away from the Little Rock office of Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas on Jan. 31, notes the Arkansas Times.

The voters wanted to schedule a meeting, but were told by one of Cotton's staff members, from behind the office door, that no one was allow in because of recent threats.

Cotton's staffer did offer to pass on messages to Cotton through the door.

Sarah Scanlon, one of the voters and the LGBTQ Outreach Director for the presidential campaign of independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, told the Arkansas Times: "They've turned off their telephones. They've locked their doors, they're not letting you in."

Caitlynn Moses, of the citizen group Ozark Indivisible, told the Arkansas Times that one of Cotton's staffers set up a meeting for Feb. 1 at a field office in Springdale, but it was canceled on Jan. 31 for reasons unknown:

That is unacceptable, considering we scheduled this meeting two weeks ago. I was definitely frustrated. I’m not trying to be rowdy, I’m not trying to make their lives more difficult, I’m trying to voice my concerns as a constituent -- which I have every right to do.

Republican Rep. Peter Roskam of Illinois canceled a Feb. 1 meeting with 16 voters about Obamacare because a reporter was going to be present, reports the Aurora Beacon-News.

Roskam said on Feb. 2 that the meeting would be rescheduled, but "without the reporter."

"They brought a reporter with them and so that was not part of the understanding," Roskam stated. "The reporter needs to talk to my communications director and we're happy to reschedule the meeting and that's what we intend to do."

Voter Sandy Alexander was stunned by Roskam's reaction:

I am flabbergasted that Peter Roskam and his staff would turn us away, They didn't have the courtesy to listen to us. We are a peaceful group. I told him nobody communicated to me that the media could not come. I also told him that the press was willing to leave.

This is Freedom of the Press -- the media has a right to be here and we have the right to talk with the media. I really don't understand what happened here today. Shame on Peter Roskam. It is very sad that this is how he feels about his constituents.

Republican Rep. Barbara Comstock of Virginia was supposed to meet with voters on Jan. 28 during her "mobile office hours" at grocery stores in Lorton and Oakton, but did not show up at either location, notes POLITICO.

Comstock's invitation said that she would answer questions about "issues important to you," but her office said the notice advertising her presence at the meeting was "in error" and "should have just said staff."

Comstock staffer Jeff Marschner said that she went to three other events on Jan. 28, including a human trafficking discussion in Loudoun, and a celebration of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Sources: Arkansas Times (2), Aurora Beacon-News via Chicago Tribune, POLITICO / Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia Commons

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