Republicans Take House, Democrats Hold Senate


Election Night 2010 was a huge night for Republicans, but not as big as it could have been. While the GOP seized control of the House, the Democrats kept a majority in the Senate.

Republicans are expected to take about 50 more seats in the House -- more than the 39 they needed to be the ruling party. It's the biggest shift in power since the 1994 Republican landslide gave them a 54-seat House.

Over in the Senate, the final numbers are not yet in, but Democrats are expected to keep control -- with far less than the 59-41 advantage they previously enjoyed.

Tea Party candidates Rand Paul and Marco Rubio will be part of the new Senate, while Christine O'Donnell was a loser in Delaware.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid held on for a tight win against another Tea Party darling, Sharron Angle.

Some analysts believe the result of Tuesday's election will be more gridlock. The new House majority will likely block most -- if not all -- of President Obama's agenda, while Obama would likely veto any GOP legislation that might reach his desk. 


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