Republicans support for reducing family planning services will lead to more abortions


The Guttmacher Institute reports that  for ever $1 spent on family planning services, it saves $4 in Medicaid spending. Pretty good ratio, wouldn't you say? It also reduces unwanted pregnancies by 1.94 million and abortions by 810,000.  Funding well worth the cost, wouldn't you say? Well, if a person is of an ideology that someone should be basically punished with a pregnancy for the so called sin of having sex, not so much. Unfortunately this is a quite common belief and ideology among many on the far right. To them, pre-marital sex isn't necessary wrong because of the risks of sexually transmitted disease or unwanted pregnancies, but because it is inherently immoral. This also explains much of the religious right opposition to gay rights. They look at the sex act, and not the fact that two men or two women often love one another. In many cases, the sex act is so bad for them (something they only imagine in their mind most of the time) that they believe the power of the government is necessary to ban it. So, many of those who believe the government has no or little say in how much pollutants the factory down the block spews, believe it is perfectly o.k. for the government to police bedrooms.

 I don't think Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin is this far on the religious right. Make no mistake though, for all his mild mannered mannerisms, he is no moderate. By no means. Walker wants the Wisconsin legislature to repeal a law that has the requirement that insurance companies cover birth control that is prescribed by a medical doctor. He also would eliminate Title V, denying many low income women access to prenatal care while they are pregnant while also cutting access to birth control. The effect of course, is more women pregnant who don't want to be so, and less women with access to necessary medical care. Republicans in the U.S. Congress have stripped funding for Planned Parenthood and Title X. The effect of this of course, will be an increase in many thousands of women who get pregnant. Many of them will want an abortion. Hence, Republicans who are strongly against the ability of women to get an abortion, will increase abortions.


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