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Republican's Speech Drowned Out By Protest (Video)

Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington was drowned out during her speech on Jan. 16 at the Spokane Convention Center by pro-health care chants (video below).

Rodgers was giving a speech during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event when she was interrupted with shouts of "liar" and chants of "Save our health care," notes KXLY.

Rodgers, who strongly supports repealing Obamacare, told the crowd: "I know that as your representative and your advocate, and your friend, I am up to the challenge."

"Bulls***!" an audience member shouted.

Rodgers said that she was going to work to unify the country, which brought more profanity and boos from the crowd.

As Rodgers continued, a chant of "Save our health care!" grew and shouts of "liar" could be heard.

Rodgers did not acknowledge the crowd's message, quickly ended her speech and walked off the stage.

A Rodgers spokesperson later told KXLY in a statement:

Today's Martin Luther King Jr., Day Rally and Unity March was about unifying around the core values that we, as Americans, all share, which is why the congresswoman was honored to be invited to speak and share her thoughts on unity.

The congresswoman looks forward to keeping the lines of communication open when discussing how to ensure a smooth and stable transition out of Obamacare to put in place a 21st-century health care system.

On Jan. 13, Rodgers issued this statement after voting on the first steps to repeal Obamacare, noted KXLY:

Obamacare was the federal government’s best effort to "fix" our health care system, and it failed. This week we’re fulfilling our promise to the American people and taking the first steps towards repealing Obamacare.

We want to offer relief from the current health care system that is plagued by higher premiums and fewer choices, and puts unelected bureaucrats in between patients and their doctors. But let me be clear: No one who has coverage because of Obamacare today, will lose that coverage the day it’s repealed -- we’re committed to a smooth and stable transition for those currently receiving care.

Every American deserves a personalized, patient-centered health care system that is affordable, stable, and secure -- health care that treats you like a human being, not a number. And that’s what we’re offering: a 21st-century health care system that puts patients back in the driver’s seat.

Obamacare does not set premium prices as Rodgers implied in her statement. Rodgers offered no evidence that health care plans will not be disrupted if Obamacare is repealed.

Sources: KXLY (2) / Photo Credit: Save Our Healthcare Spokane/YouTube

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