Republicans More Likely to Believe Government Conspiracy Theories


A new poll by Public Policy Polling reveals that Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to believe that the government wants to round up all guns, or that the President is trying to sneak in a third term.

According to poll results, 62 percent of Republicans think the president is "secretly trying to take everyone's guns away." Only 14 percent of Democrats share this view, and 36 percent of the nation as a whole agrees.

A shockingly high number of Republicans — 42 percent — think that Muslims are covertly incorporating Sharia laws into the American justice system. It is unclear what evidence provides the basis for such a belief, but just 12 percent of Democrats and 26 percent of the general population think this is true.

Interestingly, one-fourth of all Americans think that President Obama is plotting to discover a way to remain in office past the end of his second term.

It’s important to note that Public Policy Polling is a liberal-leaning organization, so there is a possibility of bias. Nonetheless, the nonfactual spoutings of right-wing extremists (i.e., Ted Cruz and friends) have led to rampant misinformation about the government — and plenty of fear.

The president has been accused of being an illegal immigrant and a Muslim, and fears of the government knocking doors to confiscate everybody’s guns have spurred record firearm sales in the naïve believe that a few store-bought weapons could possibly compete with the government’s own arsenal.

Government aside, a fair portion of those polled demonstrated deep mistrust of the financial industry. The survey asked, “Do you think that a group of world bankers is slowly eliminating paper currency until most banking is done electronically, and then will cut the power grid so that most citizens will not have access to any money and will be forced into worldwide slavery, or not?”

Seventeen percent of the population answered “yes.”

Sources: Public Policy Polling, Talking Points Memo


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